Compassion & Self-Compassion

Compassion and Self-Compassion: Empathy in Action

June 19, 2014

Welcome to this month’s installment on the topic of compassion. In January, I announced my intention to explore this territory with you at least once each month of this year. Some of the posts have addressed ways to be more self-compassionate.             Definitions, anyone? Today, I went online as if […]

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Living with More Compassion

May 22, 2014

I want to share a few thoughts on compassion today. While reading the June 2014 edition of “Live Happy” magazine, I was delighted to see two articles on this topic. One had to do with the Dalai Lama’s assertion of the connections of happiness, love, and compassion. The second article posed the question, “How has […]

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Sock Puppets of the Mind: How to Change Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion

April 3, 2014

Recognizing Self-Criticism Who is your most persistent critic? Many of us might say, “I am,” in answer to the question. Any thought I have about myself that has a negative slant to it I see as a form of self-criticism. I’ll share some examples. Some are in first person. “Oh, no, I have an old lady’s […]

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How to Increase Self-Compassion in 2 Steps

March 20, 2014

Today I am sharing another lesson in compassion. 1st Step Recall an earlier time in your life when something difficult was happening. You may have felt emotionally uncomfortable for a short or a long time. It might have been a single experience or a challenging period of time. Invite yourself to feel compassion toward the younger you who […]

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International Day of Happiness, March 20, 2014

March 13, 2014

We are approaching the 2nd annual International Day of Happiness, on March 20th.   What Is It? The General Assembly of the United Nations commissioned this yearly event to help spread the truth that happiness and wellbeing are basic human goals. As well, each person’s ability to  reach these goals can be supported by public […]

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How to Embrace & Reflect Joy: My Father’s Loving Attitude

March 6, 2014

“Every day is a beautiful day. You just have to take it the way it comes.” This is a quote I jotted in the car the other day, taking my father to see a friend. (In a few minutes, I will explain how he happened to say this.) My father is one of the most […]

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Self-Compassion: Letting Go of Judgment

February 3, 2014

Take a moment and listen to yourself. If you have a mishap or fail at a task, listen to the thoughts and judgment you allow to pass through your mind. How often do you put yourself down for a small failure? How often do you criticize every little thing you do? Have you ever insulted yourself […]

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Growing Compassion: An Invitation for 2014

January 9, 2014

Would you like to grow more compassion in your life? – to feel more compassionate toward yourself? – to expand your ability to be kinder to those around you and to yourself?   I invite you to join me in experimenting with ways to practice compassion in 2014. Each month, we will share ideas for nurturing compassion. Please […]

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Resolutions: Make Them on Your Birthday

January 2, 2014

How many of us have made New Year’s resolutions, then we’ve been disappointed in ourselves by somehow not reaching those goals? Even if it hasn’t happened to you, you’ve likely heard this scenario from many others. Over 25 years ago, I attended a series of lectures given by a fascinating guest speaker named Edyne Decker. […]

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Compassion: How To Be More Compassionate

December 16, 2013

A PRECIOUS HUMAN LIFE  “Every day, think as you wake up, Today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive; I have a precious human life. I am not going to waste it, I am going to use all my energies to develop myself. To expand my heart out to others, To achieve […]

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