Finding Joy – – When the Winter Blahs Show up

by dena on January 16, 2014

Before I was even out of bed this morning, I was checking email on my phone and discovered Andrea Zimmerl’s latest post, The Pink Rose, at her sweetsunflowers blog.

Andrea writes about wintery grey days and how it is dark both when she awakens in the mornings and when she arrives home from work. To perk herself up last weekend, she chose to look at her gallery of photos she took via her phone last summer. “Seeing beautiful colors and flowers and sunshine on photos made me feel good…” – then she shared a gorgeous picture of a pink rose. Click to see The Pink Rose  yourself, let it gladden your heart, too.

Suddenly, I felt lighter and brighter as I gazed at the beauty of the flower and witnessed the results of tweaking she did to enhance the photograph. I was able to start my day with an extra boost of joy.

This reminded me of the joy I experienced last August when taking Tammy Strobel’s online course, Everyday Magic. I wrote a post about it, Happiness in Life: Photography.

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Today, I asked myself to make a list of actions and projects that I know lift my spirits. I decided  to choose options I can do on my own, so I wouldn’t be tempted to back out if there wasn’t someone nearby who wanted to join me.  Also, I wanted my list to include several possibilities that can be engaged for a few minutes or for much longer if I happen to have extra time to dive in deeply.

Each one on my list relaxes and rejuvenates me.

Joyful Actions (list in progress) 

  • taking cell phone camera shots on nature walks
  • collaging
  • writing
  • meditating
  • reading mysteries; reading blogs in my niche
  • dancing (by myself, to whatever music calls to me)
  • exercising to “Walk Away the Pounds” dvd

I am sending a hug of gratitude  to Andrea Zimmerl for providing inspiration from her blog post to mine today. And I am adding to my list from Andrea’s example: reviewing some of my happy pics, often from warmer and sunnier days.

What might you choose for your own list of Joyful Actions?

Blissings, Dena

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