Sharing Inspiration Can Bring Positive Change

by dena on February 27, 2014

When I find a powerful quote, see a moving video clip, or notice a lovely nature image, I feel inspired. Something in my heart stirs. I want to use this inspiration to create more love, health, goodness, beauty in the world. As well, my first impulse is often to want to share what has provided the inspiration.


When I discovered inspiring sources online, I used to share these by forwarding the images, words, or links in emails to my friends. Eventually, I became tired of the huge volume of emails I received. I didn’t want to overload my friends’ email in-boxes either, and I wanted to reach more people.

Now, I have two easy ways to share such inspiration:

1) On the Love Revealed Stories FaceBook page


2) Placing 100 or so of the best ones on a Gallery page on the Love Revealed Stories website.

You can click on the 2 links above to take a peek.

My experiences in sharing inspiration in these 2 locations is that they can help me connect for a meaningful moment with dear ones in my life AND with people all over the world I am “meeting” for the first time.

The messages that resonate most with me these days relate to topics of love, joy, peace, compassion, grief support, kindness, self care, and gratitude. What are your sources of inspiration? Do you have favorite ways of sharing inspiration with others? How has inspiration supported you in reaching some of your dreams and goals?



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Blissings, Dena

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