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Mother-Daughter Memories ~ Author Biographies

Victoria Moo Briddell, author of “A Cup of Silence”

Victoria Moo Briddell Victoria Moo Briddell

I live in Mount Airy, Maryland with my husband, fellow seeker and best friend, Don. I participate in the Hilltop Writers and Sophia Writers groups, working in memoir and short story genres. In my writing I am seeking to express universal truth through personal experience. Having lived in several different countries I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have studied and practiced Yoga Vedanta for forty-four years in India and the USA and currently teach yoga in Frederick, Maryland. My children, Matt and Christiana, enrich my life with inspiration and support.

Dena Clayton, author of “The Night of Nights”

Dena Clayton Dena Clayton

My life’s purpose is love. I believe we all share this purpose. My mission is supporting individuals in connecting to the love they truly are, the love they were born to experience. To reach more people worldwide, I host 3 weekly Samyama meditation tele-circles. Through guided meditations, I teach the powerful self-Samyama practice of how to live from the Heart. Occasionally, I am available for inner exploration work with individual students by telephone. In 2002, a passion emerged: joining friends for evenings of 10-minute writing exercises.

Today, I enjoy the Hilltop Writers circle near my Frederick, Maryland home.

Marcia Davies, author of “Unexpected Gift”

I started writing after retiring from 38 years of service in a Yoga community. In 2009, I went on a 14 day writing journey to Prague sponsored by Hollowdeck Press LLC. On that journey I wrote essays and poems that were published in our anthology of the trip, Gratuitous Beauty. I attend workshops at the Sophia Center in Lineboro, Maryland and the regular monthly Frederick Hilltop writing group. I live in Keedysville, Maryland and am currently working on a memoir.

Sheila Foster, author of “In My Mother’s Kitchen”

Sheila Foster

My devotion to the Divine Mother was quickened when I was six year old. At eight years old I founded the Blessed Virgin Mary Club. That eventually evolved into a women’s mystery school, the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, which I have been stewarding and loving for 30 years.

I serve as companion and ritual elder to women in their healing and spiritual awakening. Always a maker of art, I love writing, nature, and finding creative ways to engage the Mystery. My two grown children are my ultimate Teachers of fierce, unconditional love.

Susan Gordon, author of “Listening for My Mother”

Susan Gordon and daughter, Miriam

I am a poet and prose writer currently at work on a memoir-based dictionary, initially created in response to the sudden death of my daughter, Liz Gordon. The dictionary is also, inexorably, turning towards the celebration of my younger daughter, Miriam, and the new family we have become following the deaths of my husband (her Dad) and Liz.

I work as a licensed clinical addictions counselor. I live with my two dogs on a 41-acre farm in Ijamsville, Maryland and am the instigator of the monthly Hilltop Writers group.

Nancy Kern, author of “Thirst”

Nancy Kern

I am a writer and visual artist in Houston, Texas. As a writer of memoir, I hope to spark readers to lay down the burden of carrying family secrets. I believe that acknowledging the truth opens the way for healing and releases future generations from having to relive the untold stories of the past.

Professionally, I give Akashic Record readings, teach at the Spectrum Centerin Houston, and teach creativity classes at the Jung Center. The common theme to all of my work is the permission for truth to be known.

Nancy Loeffler, author of “Words Unspoken”

Nancy Loeffler

I am a Samyama practitioner, who, through heart-centered meditation, guides and assists my clients to meet the present moment fully and consciously. I incorporate creative expression into my sessions as it arises in the moment. I am the mother of two, Pete who lives in Minneapolis and Leah who made her transition to spirit in November of 2000. I live in Raleigh, and North Topsail Beach, North Carolina with my partner, Dan. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design and have managed large-scale construction projects as a project manager. I have tremendous love and gratitude for the unknown and the mystery that has brought me to this moment.

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Alison Melotti-Cormack, author of “The Guardian”

I have lived half a world away from my mother for most of my adult life. That journey was necessary for me to be able to enter into a genuine, loving, adult relationship with my mother and to become a mother to my daughter and my son. Being both daughter and mother is a place of hard work, great love as well as great need and sublime awareness. I am joined to the lineage of mothers and daughters through history and into the future and am venturing forward to explore that mother/daughter territory with my own daughter.

Marilyn Finch Williams, author of “Redemption”

Marilyn Finch Williams

I have been a psychotherapist for 27 years, but my most important job has been that of parenting Kathleen, 25 and Samuel, 19. Being a mother opened places in my heart I didn’t know I had. I am now exploring the mysteries of empty nest with my granddogs and taking advantage of the time to develop my writing. In my private practice, I help people use their stories to heal and live more fully, using neurofeedback technology to assist them in extraordinary transformations.

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