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Meditiation by Telephone: Celebrating 10 Years!

October 9, 2016

  To my delight, we are Celebrating 10 Years of Meditation by Telephone!!!     There are 2 ways I’d LOVE to celebrate this anniversary with YOU: 1) The first 15 people to buy any 3 Meditation calls will each win a 30-minute private consultation with me. and 2) There is a new Monday weekly call […]

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How to Calm Stress: My New Discovery

October 3, 2014

A surprising revelation happened while I was writing on the screened porch this week. I was enjoying pleasant seventy-something degree temperatures, when I heard crows conversing emphatically, as crows often do.         The crows had been caw-cawing in the background. When I noticed the sounds, it seemed I was transported back to childhood. In my crow […]

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Gratitude and Creativity to Get Back on Track, Part 1

September 12, 2014

When I’m feeling down, unmotivated, blah, without inspiration, numb, sad, or any combination of these states, what helps me realign with passion for life? There might well be a very long list of possible answers. This time around, I feel most drawn to 2 easy answers: Gratitude and Creativity. Sometimes I feel like my mind and body […]

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Personal Stories to Ease Your Grief

August 22, 2014

Each experience of grieving is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all version of how we are affected by grief nor of what steps to take to heal as best we can from losing someone through death. Pondering these thoughts a couple years ago led me to issue an invitation for writers to share their personal stories […]

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Help for Depression + Actions in Memory of Robin Williams

August 16, 2014

Obviously, there are many discussions and writings and reminiscences in recent days about Robin Williams. Most of us never met him, yet we are profoundly saddened by his death, by a world where he is no longer physically present. We feel loss, maybe even lost. The generous and talented man who brought light to our lives through […]

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Mindfulness Helps to Reduce Stress!

May 12, 2014

Hundreds of adults are on anxiety medications, depression medications, and more with no solution in sight. There is hope! Mindfulness has achieved success across the globe for being among the top ways to reduce stress naturally. Huge corporations are even embracing the practice and have enforced mandatory “meditation” or “silent” hours for employees to take a […]

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Mindfulness: Live More Mindfully

April 14, 2014

Are you mindful, or is your mind full? Mindfulness is a practice that is being embraced across the globe. Many business people, work-at-home parents, and the everyday busy man are learning to embrace mindful living and put the practice in place in their busy lives. And you can too. How to Live More Mindfully: Even […]

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Stressed? How to Mellow Stress in Stressful Times

April 26, 2013

There are countless ways to minimize stress. I want to share a few quick and easy techniques with you today. When my stress levels are in the lower realms, I tend to be more patient and compassionate with myself and others. I am nicer to be around. Mellowing myself sends ripples out to those around me. […]

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