Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed

Parent Child MemoriesMother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed is an anthology of compelling true stories written by nine women. The verbal snapshots unveiled in this collection run the gamut from raw to sweet, surprising to tender, blissful to terrifying, and back again. These recollections are written with exquisite honesty and integrity, and sometimes humor. Readers will  recognize issues and themes from their own lives, and will find messages of  love, hope, and courage that will sustain them on their journeys through their own   relationships.

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In an excerpt from the Preface’s beginning, Dena shares the first seed of discovery for this eBook project, which began 4 1/2 months before it was published:

On a star-filled, balmy July night, while reading an article about Lynn Redgrave’s play, Nightingale, a crystallized plan emerged in an instant.

My vision was to invite women to write memories of their mothers or daughters. Their stories need not end with happily-ever-after resolutions, and I was hoping some evidence or realization of love would appear somewhere in each story. It would then be my task to bridge these stories into a book.

I knew that I was being nudged to include a particular story from my own mother’s life about an evening she spent with her mother, my grandmother.

Within a week, I discovered that my favorite writing teacher was offering a retreat near my home in Maryland. Max Regan is a brilliant and hilarious teacher par excellence. From that first July evening, I had been aware that he would be the one to guide me through the labyrinth of the entire process. Max and my companion retreat participants were enthusiastic about the project. In fact, a few of the women have stories in this anthology.

Invitations were emailed. Folks responded and submission guidelines were sent six weeks before the stories’ due date. Excitement bubbled up as I anticipated their arrival.

I savored the stories. I fell in love with each set of memories, with each pair of daughters and mothers in their struggles with loving and living. Often, I found their memories drawing my attention to aspects of the relationship I had shared with my mother. Based on my own reactions, I sensed that readers would feel embraced by these stories as well.

Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed holds actual recollections titled as follows:

“A Cup of Silence” by Victoria Moo Briddell
“The Night of Nights” by Dena Clayton
“Unexpected Gift” by Marcia Davies
“In My Mother’s Kitchen” by Sheila Foster
“Listening for My Mother” by Susan Gordon
“Thirst” by Nancy Kern
“Words Unspoken” by Nancy Loeffler
“The Guardian” by Alison Melotti-Cormack
“Redemption” by Marilyn Finch Williams