Book Share: Good Reads to Tantalize Our Brains

by dena on August 8, 2014

Welcome to a wonderland of cool books to explore. All are available as eBooks, and at least a couple are also in paperback. All are written by people I know (a little or a lot); some I correspond with through a bloggers group, two others I’ve known over twenty years.

I’d love to hear what you have been reading. Is there a book that has made a difference in your life? Do you like to write? Maybe your writing is circulating out in the world. Please chime in via the Comments section.


  • Debbie Roes’ riveting story of challenges and healing from a decades’ long shopping addiction is in her book, UnShopping: Recovery Solutions from an Ex-Shopaholic. Her personal story is so interesting, and the strategies she offers are well researched and practiced. This book is an important addition to the field of literature on compulsive over-spending – please share it widely.  ***Be sure to read an in-depth article about Debbie’s book in August’s edition of “Real Simple” magazine. Love the article’s catchy title, $pent.***

bk_UnShopping by Debbie Roes












  • 30 Day Challenge: Minimalism Is Simple by Aly Sanger is both a how-to guide and an invitaion to make lifestyle changes that simplify our environments. In Aly’s words, “Consider this a 30 day transformation to get you ongoing results months and years down the road.” Aly is the daughter of the duo at Two friends and I have been using the daily tasks to clear areas in our homes.

bk_30 Day Challenge by Aly Sanger





  • Hot off the press – Courtney Carver presents Zero to 100, a Microcourse for Beginning Bloggers. Right on the cover, we see that this is “a gentle guide with written, audio, and video lessons to help you reach your first 100 subscribers and make your first $100.” Courtney brings to this book her special blend of knowledge and skill in marketing and running exactly this type of business, along with the gentle and passionate approach she gives her students.

bk_Zero to 100 Microcourse by Courtney Carver






  • Kayla Dawn Thomas’ debut novel, Swept Up,  is a summer read you’ll want to talk about with friends. I began reading it shortly before check-out time in a hotel, and  I was so glad to get home and tune back into what the characters were doing!

bk_Swept Up by Kayla Dawn Thomas







  • In Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine, Sheila Foster unveils a chapter on Sacred Feminine initiation and five chapters describing each of the core archetypal energies she has been working with since 1980: the Mother, the Amazon, the Lover, the Medial, and the Queen. Enjoy this free eBook!! Sheila also has personal stories in two of the Love Revealed books.

bk_Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine cover_by Sheila Foster







bk_Escaping Giftmas_by Robert Wall



  • bk_Escaping Giftmas by Robert Wallbk_Escaping Giftmas by Robert Wall



  • You will be entertained and inspired by stories from real life in Mother-Daughter Memories and in Parent-Child Memories. The subtitle for each is Love Revealed – – for a reason. Through a wide spectrum of life struggles and celebrations and interactions, love somehow shows up in each author’s vivid word pictures. A flame of hope is ignited in me.

bk_Parent_Child cover fr Amazon site

Mother_Daughter Memories cover fr Amazon







Coming Soon – > > >

. . . is an interview with Andrea Zimmerl, author of Sparkling Colors. Her book provides rejuvenative opportunities to readers by inviting us into multi-sensory joyful experiences.

bk_Sparkling Colors_by Andrea Zimmerl

Blissings, Dena

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