Benefits of Doing One Thing You Love

by dena on October 10, 2014


While photographing in the garden early this evening, I suddenly thought, “I am doing something I love!”

nature pic_MtSolon_3rd_for_post_2014_10_2






About fifteen months ago, I discovered I have a lot of fun taking pictures with my smartphone camera – especially of nature shots.

I had a lovely adventure with an online photo course in the summer of 2013, taught by Tammy Strobel of Bursting with happiness, I wrote a blog post about it.








Inspired from watching a slide show this morning as part of Susannah Conway’s course, Photo Meditations: Infusing Your Images with Soul, I popped myself outdoors during the time before sunset called the golden hour.

gazing ball n sunburst_2014_10_8






I have written many times in this blog about how my life feels, well, more alive when I make time for creativity, nature, relaxation, kindness, and compassion. It is why the tagline to this blog is: how to live with more love. It is where my passion exists. I connect more easily and lovingly with others. I get more done. My whole being flourishes.

Engaging in something I enjoy, even for a few minutes, spills over delightfully into other parts of my day.

Frans front garden_2014_Oct 3






Benefits I Have Noticed

1.  Peace & Joy. I feel calmness and joy more often, while experiencing less anger, anxiety, and depression.

2.  Creative Solutions. Innovative ideas and possible solutions to problems seem to show up faster.

3.  Motivation. I am particularly glad to report I have more motivation to take action on both small and large tasks I might otherwise feel resistance toward doing.


I feel gratitude for each of these benefits. What I find myself most reflecting on recently is the sometimes elusive motivation aspect.

When I make room in my day for doing even one action I love, this seems to evoke in me enough natural willingness to go ahead and do other things I want to accomplish.

Completing work tasks, cleaning the house, paying bills, and other “to-do’s” all seem easier. Yes, it’s true – When I allow myself time for the fun actions, I have found there is more motivation for the other actions that I may not like so much.

clouds_pink n grey sunset_2014_10_4



chimes n their shadows_frontporch_2014_10_8







hydrangea in morning dewlight_2014_10_8






You might like to take a look at “Finding Happiness” under Pick a Topic to Explore in the margin of each page of my site, to discover other posts that intersect with today’s subject.

Dear Reader, I wonder . . . what motivates you? How do you feel when you regularly schedule creativity and other avenues of enjoyment into your life? What lights up your passion?


Blissings, Dena

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