How to Create a Place of Zen in Your Home

by dena on February 10, 2014

flameWhen meditating, or just relaxing, it’s good to have a place to retreat to. Being able to sink into a floor pillow, close your eyes, and feel the stress release from your shoulders is one of the greatest benefits of having a “zen room.”

Would you like to have a place of zen in your home?

To create a place of zen in your home you can follow these easy tips.

  • Find an area where distractions are limited. This doesn’t have to be a separate room, but it should be an area where you can sit in silence and relax. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if you live with others. Opt for a space that you can call your own, and others will respect your space. This could be a corner, a window seat, or even your bedroom.  – OR –
  • Create an area with limited distractions. If you are turning an area in your home into your zen space, remove the distractions. This includes the television, computer, radio, etc. and other electronics, which all let off electromagnetic pollution that could cause you to unknowingly lose focus.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable in this space. Some may find comfort sitting on the floor, others may find comfort with a floor pillow. A chair that firmly supports the lower back may be right for you.  Just be sure you have a comfortable seat, without it you may find yourself fidgeting while you’re meditating.
  • Opt for natural lighting when possible. Traditional lamps let off different colors, and most of these colors can impact your mood (some negatively). One type of bulb to avoid using in your zen room is fluorescent. Fluorescent lighting has recently been shown to reduce melatonin in the skin, a compound that is known for helping us prevent cancer. In addition, fluorescent lighting can cause you to stay awake, and may prove to be a distraction.
  • Set the mood in your space. Candles, soft white music, or prayer flags can all help to turn a small area in your home into a place of zen. Just remember to leave the distractions out.
  • Leave all worries, stress, & daily concerns at the door when you enter your zen room. You might simply say to yourself, “I intend to set all stressors aside.” Remember, this is a place for you to unwind, practice your spirituality, or just enjoy a moment of silence. Examples of calming activities might include meditating, writing, making art, chanting, singing, practicing yoga postures.

Do you have a zen room in your home? What tips would you pass on to someone interested in building their own zen room? Let us know in the comments!

Blissings, Dena

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