How to Feel More Positive

by dena on March 31, 2014

Life can be a rocky road. At times you may feel as if nothing is going your way. You may find it hard to remain optimistic and even uplifting music hardly makes a dent to your foul mood. We’ve all experienced negativity in our life at one point or another, and hardships are just part of the ride. If you’re ready to embrace positivity and eliminate negativity in your life, here are four steps to get you started:

smallSmile, smile, smile! Nothing cheers you up faster or puts you in a positive mood than a smile. Smiles are one of the ultimate symbols of positivity. When you find yourself frowning, flip it upside down and plant a smile on your face instead. Allow this smile to blossom into belly laughs and you’re sure to feel your spirit lift.

Choose to be optimistic. Being optimistic is a choice, just like being pessimistic is. When you find yourself beginning to doubt or fearing for the worse, stop! Focus on the positive and believe that the outcome will be a pleasant one and you’ll overall feel better. Remember, thoughts are a huge influence in our lives, and if we allow these thoughts to be pessimistic, the rest of our every day life will suffer as a consequence.

Acknowledge negative thoughts then release them. No matter how optimistic you may choose to be, occasionally you may find yourself face to face with a negative thought or influence. Moments such as these are when determination is key. You must be determined to acknowledge these thoughts, and also to release them without allowing them to take hold. It will be a challenge, and in the end you will feel happier.

Surround yourself with positivity. Above all others, this will be one of the hardest tasks to complete. In order to surround ourselves with positivity, we must first pinpoint where the negativity stems from and remove it. This could stem from the environment, coworkers, food, passions, and – yes – even friends and family. Once we have determined where the negativity is, we must then work to remove it. This may mean changing our diet, adjusting our environment, or finding new employment. When the negativity stems from loved ones you can work with them to help them embrace a more positive outlook as well. Be a support circle for one another.

Blissings, Dena

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