Creativity Feeds My Heart

by dena on January 16, 2015


Have you ever wished you were finding more time to make art or engage creativity in other ways? I know I have felt a greater sense of wellbeing, contentment, and happiness when I schedule time on a regular basis to take creative actions.

Last week, I was one of many people who received an email asking us if we were interested in doing a novena. What this means to our group of friends is that each will make a choice of what she wants to do or pray or invoke daily for nine days.

In the few days before seeing the email, I was excited by the wide range of creative expression I saw among the many participants when I visited Crystal Moody’s website and her Instagram site, #yearofcreativehabits. I am in awe of what Crystal has been doing and documenting daily for more than twelve months now. However, the notion of promising to do something daily for a whole year felt daunting to me.

My ‘aha’ moment was this: For my novena, I made a commitment to myself to engage creativity consciously for the next nine days. I could experiment with any form of artwork or writing or photography or dancing or cooking – or something else not yet fathomed.


Want to see what happened on the first 5 days? Come along for the tour!

  • Right away, I knew I would take a photo of each creation and post it on Crystal’s #yearofcreativehabits on Instagram.
  • After a few days, I decided, also, to post on a brand new hashtag I made, #DenasCreativityNovenas. Now, I can view at-a-glance as the number of images grow.
  • Beneath each photo every day after the first one, I found I wanted to write something about it.

Creativity Novena

Day 1, a Drawing

novena_pix_bird drawing 2015_1_10

When I posted a photo of the drawing on Instagram, I summarized my commitment to engage creativity consciously for 9 days.

Also, I added: I am open to keep committing to another 9 days, over and over. I am more loving and alive, I am plugged into Radiance, when I nurture creative expression. Creativity feeds my heart.



Day 2, a Collage


It’s been so long since I’ve made time to collage, something I’ve long enjoyed. Now, I’m experimenting with small ones, 4 x 6 inches, to fit in a little photo album, available for a dollar or less.

The question I put forth before beginning this collage: What colors, images, shapes might come together to support a mood combo of joy and motivation? Sky, water, flowers, yellows, oranges, blues, greens, butterfly, clouds, sunflowers. And a postage stamp.



Day 3, a Drawing


Began as a doodling flower – it grew pointy ears that could have been eyes, then a few other odd features. Truly, I don’t know what it is. I do know it’s looking at me. Right now.





Day 4, a Photo

novena_pix__2015_1photo negative flowers_2015_1_13

Negative image of white carnations and baby’s breath.






Day 5, a Sculpture


Oddly proportioned polymer clay bird, about 1.5 inch. Fun to play with this again. Twenty years ago, I delighted in discovering this medium. I’d grab a small chunk of clay, asking what it wanted to be. Strange little animals showed up, most often, as well as pendants and beads for jewelry I wore, unique buttons, and tiny globes I gave away for folks to hold while praying for world peace. Once, I was shocked to see a delicate, translucent fairy hand emerge, with fingers destined to chip off. I wish I’d snapped a shot of it.


Bonus, Day 6 is writing this post! It is today’s creative expression. What will tomorrow’s be? I have no idea, and I’m excited to find out!!

If you are on Instagram, you are welcome to visit my photo gallery there, dena.clayton.771. To check on my creativity novenas, come on into #DenasCreativityNovenas – take your shoes off, have a cup of tea or latte, relax, and enjoy the show. There’s bound to be plenty of whimsical images and my trademark humor (parts smart alecky, punsterly, and just plain offbeat).

I’d love to hear, and see, what creativity is feeding your heart.

Blissings, Dena

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