New Beginnings – How About September?

by dena on September 1, 2015

 Could you use a Fresh Start in some area of your life?



(I am  raising my hand!)


In recent weeks, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about September as ripe for new beginnings. It’s the back-to-school time in the northern hemisphere. Maybe you have school aged children you helped get ready to launch the school term. Maybe some part of you automatically recalls starting a new school year. Do you ever use a 16-month calendar, that begins with September? Imagine what can be accomplished by embracing this time as a chance for a fresh start on something you’d really like to do.


How have I decided to use September?

I am going to use this time for 2  special endeavors:

          1) Roll out the GoodNewsSharing network with you, our wonderful community  – here and on social media. (#GoodNewsSharing on Instagram; our FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter accounts will also be involved)

You will see more about this in another blog post very soon – because You, dear readers, are invited to share the good news you experience or observe.


          2) Complete the photo project of adding nature photos to our Living Through Grief: Love Revealed. (Our team has started this work . . . yayyy!)

A wise reader of Living Through Grief suggested it might be helpful to place nature pictures as a place to rest between each two essays. A few of the authors and I are working on selecting photos, both to add to the ebook as well as to bring to the soon-to-be-birthed P.O.D./print-on-demand  version.


How about you?

Does something come to mind that you would like to do?

Maybe you recently began a project or you have been thinking about an idea for a particular pursuit.


Here are some TIPS on how to find something to embrace that makes your heart beat faster, that ignites your passion.

1) Ask yourself a question:  “In the past, when did I feel the most fulfilled or when was I the most excited about life?” Jot down whatever comes to mind, even if it seems unusual. You might even enjoy taking the approach of a 10-minute writing on this topic.

2) Select one: Maybe it will feel as if it selects you! It might be something that helps others. It might be something you know will help you feel so good that your presence will be radiating extra wonderfulness to those around you.

3) Make a simple plan for how to begin: What steps are necessary to accomplish this? Is there anyone you want to invite to collaborate on this with you? How often and when will you be involved in this? (Hint: Schedule it right into your calendar.)

4) Accountability Partners: You might check in with friends or co-workers. Ask them who would be willing to have regular check-in times. Maybe they have projects, too, and your communications can help each of you hold your own feet to the fire of your commitment. Can be done in person or by phone or email.


Of course, we don’t need to wait for certain times of year to get off our duffs and launch a new beginning. In that case, perhaps look at #4, above, for one or a few kindred souls to help support one another in Fresh Starts. (And, of course, numbers 1 through 3.)


More Resources

  • Kayla Dawn Thomas wrote a blog post on using September as a “Happy New Year”‘ time.
  • Crystal Moody has a newsletter you might enjoy signing up, where she highlighted the topic this week. Her site is Year of Creative Habits.
  • Find inspiration in a September photo challenge on Instagram, hosted by @toris_tales. Link to Tori’s blog. #TalesofSeptember
  • Another cool time to think of a new beginning is around the time of your birthday and the 52 days after it. See a post I wrote about an ancient civilization that used one’s birthday as a supportive time for new beginnings.


I welcome reports on your chosen endeavors. If you want to make a written commitment here to be witnessed by our community, please do! Also, you can do this on Instagram and FaceBook: #LoveRevealedStories_NewBeginnings


sunflower field






~   ~   ~

Blissings, Dena

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