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by dena on May 22, 2014

I want to share a few thoughts on compassion today. While reading the June 2014 edition of “Live Happy” magazine, I was delighted to see two articles on this topic. One had to do with the Dalai Lama’s assertion of the connections of happiness, love, and compassion.

The second article posed the question, “How has your life been touched by compassion?” Four people responded with examples of compassionate actions others had taken toward them. Reading these examples opened my compassionate feelings even more.

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I believe self-compassion can too easily get overlooked in our lives. For those of you who identify with the idea of being Givers – caring for others, giving of yourself toward the wellbeing of others – maybe remembering to be self-compassionate flies quickly out of the window.

Even if we have already accepted the notion that it is necessary and beneficial to make time for our own self-care, relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-compassion, we can suddenly realize that such actions have taken a back seat when in the midst of caring for others.

Right now, I invite you to ask yourself 2 questions, then spend at least 5 minutes per question jotting whatever comes to mind.

  1. How has your life been touched by a compassionate act from someone?
  2. When are you most likely to experience self-compassion?

My quick answer to Question #2:

When I am not in a time crunch, I realize I am much kinder to myself. I allow myself to move at what is a comfortable pace for me. I am more likely to put on music as a background to the work I am doing. I allow myself to read for pleasure, take naps, tend the yard, engage in an impromptu moment of dancing, and otherwise be silly and playful with myself and with family and friends. When these are the primary actions in my life, I also react with more ease when something stressful occurs.

In short, the more positive things I embrace in life, the more compassionate and peaceful I feel toward myself and toward others.

Reading uplifting blog posts is another piece of my life’s picture these days. Next you will find 3 links to helpful and/or inspiring messages from fellow bloggers. Enjoy!

  • Dar Alena writes to bloggers from her Quiet Blogging site. Her helpful topic, Could You Let It Go can be beneficial to all humans (by this I mean all readers, not only bloggers).
  • Another colleague, Andrea Zimmerl of SweetSunflowers, created a 2-minute video during a course she is taking on making videos. In this one, she is describing her work. While very little is retrievable in my mind from high school German class, Andrea’s presentation in German brings forth her lovely personality – and that of her cat. She confided that she introduced said cat as her lovely assistant.

Blissings, Dena

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