Mindfulness Helps to Reduce Stress!

by dena on May 12, 2014

Hundreds of adults are on anxiety medications, depression medications, and more with no solution in sight. There is hope! Mindfulness has achieved success across the globe for being among the top ways to reduce stress naturally. Huge corporations are even embracing the practice and have enforced mandatory “meditation” or “silent” hours for employees to take a breather and relax.


Since making the switch to mindfulness and meditation, many adults are finding that their stress and anxiety is significantly reduced and more manageable than medication or constant doctor visits! Do you want to learn how mindfulness can help you to reduce your stress naturally? Let’s get started!

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) began at University of Massachusetts in 1979. MBSR combines mindfulness meditation and yoga. It is now an eight-week program held in many locations. For information on their programs, you can visit this link for MBSR.

You can welcome mindfulness meditation and/or yoga into your life now, even from your home.  Searching online for “mindfulness” and “mindful awareness” yields lots of resources you can access and begin to practice immediately.

If you have not done so already, you might consider adding meditation to your daily schedule. We’re all busy. Between work, kids, school, chores, pets, errands, etc. we can hardly find the time in our busy days to take a bath, let alone meditate! The first step in embracing mindfulness is to make the time. This may mean pencilling in 30 minutes each day on your calendar so you don’t forget (and so you don’t “accidentally” book the time for something else). Once on the calendar, do not skip or ignore the appointment. Realize your health is just as important as that press release you’re writing!

When you begin to feel moments of intense stress or anxiety, it is OK to take a moment for yourself. Mindfulness meditation can help you to calm your mind, thoughts, and worries while keeping you aware of your surroundings, feelings, and overall self. Use this tool to your advantage! Take five minutes before heading in to an important meeting or conference to meditate. Breathe in, breathe out, clear your thoughts, and push your fears and concerns out of your mind.

If you’re unsure of how to start your mindful meditation practice, listen to a few guided meditation videos/podcasts online or attend a class in your city. You can also listen to the guided meditation recording that is a part of our Love Revealed Stories: Living Through Grief. Yoga is another excellent way to learn mindfulness while engaging your body, and it will become an important piece in your mindfulness journey. Many find that attending yoga just once a week helps to significantly reduce their stress!

For more tips on mindfulness, please consider reading Meditation: The Simple Practice of Samyama and Mindfulness: Live More Mindfully.

Maybe you would like to experience a guided mindfulness meditation, below.

Please note: While mindfulness and meditation have helped many, we’re certainly not suggesting you give up your medications. If you are on prescribed medications it is important you discuss your health care with a certified medical professional before making any changes.


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Blissings, Dena

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