Spring Blooms – Photos Only

by dena on May 1, 2014

Blossoms captured in April – phlox, violets, bleeding hearts, tulip, periwinkle. Beholding nature’s beauty opens my heart to gratitude, compassion, joy, and much more.

Bleeding heart_3_N`s yard_2014_4Violets_2_​dk purple_Mt S_2014_4Phlox_2_pa​le lavender_2​014_4Periwinkle 4_Mt S_2014_4Violet_whi​te-violet_​2_delicate​-2014_4Tulip cave_Mt S_2014_4Phlox_drk purple_5_m​ost distant_20​14_4Bleeding hearts_Mt S_2014_4Phlox_1_dk​r purple_201​4_4Violets_3_​white-purp​le_Mt S_2014_4Periwinkle​_3_2014_4Violets_wh​ite-purple​_1_Mt S_2014_4


Blissings, Dena

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