Your Mother’s Day Messages Are Invited

by dena on April 17, 2014

You are  warmly invited to submit your Mom greetings or memories for a special post that will be published the Thursday before Mother’s Day. A photo is also welcomed. (Please see easy sending details, below.)

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As Mother’s Day approaches, many may be reflecting on treasured memories of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, step-moms, and others who have nurtured us. Some of us may not have a lot of warm-fuzzy feelings about a mother; maybe there has been someone else as a source of kindness and compassion.

If the woman in your message is living, this can be a sweet gift to express your love and gratitude to her. FamPics - GrandmaLillieJane


How & What to Send

  • Your message can be a sentence or a few sentences to or in memory of your mother and/or any mother figures you hold dear. By 3:00 p.m., Eastern U.S., Wednesday, May 7th, simply send me a comment or an email with “Mother’s Day” in the title. You are welcome to send several sentences, one set per cherished mother person in your life. You may include a photograph, if you’d like. Your beloved mamas can be living or in spirit.
  • If you want your name/nickname included, send it in whatever way you wish it to appear. If you do not tell me how you want your name to appear, no name will be revealed. (I would rather get in trouble for not publishing a name than for listing one someone did not want published.)
  • If you want your country/state/city listed, please type location at the end of your message.
  • By Thursday afternoon, May 8th, your precious words will appear in a special Mother’s Day blog post on this Love Revealed Stories site.
  • You might like to read the Mother’s Day greetings in last year’s post.

FamPics - GrandmaNettie

How to JumpStart Your Message

If you’re not sure how to begin, you might give this writing prompt a go. Notice what comes to mind with these opening phrases, “I still remember . . . ” and “I am so grateful for . . . ” Your sentence can begin with one of these or it can be completely different.


Some Mother-Daughter Stories for You to Enjoy 

True stories from nine women cover a range of moments and emotions that occurred in their families between mothers and daughters – some sweet, some complicated, some difficult. There is a common thread connecting all the stories in Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed.  Somewhere along the line, love was revealed in some way – at the time of the story’s action, over time, during personal inner work or therapy, and maybe while writing about what transpired.

Right now, you can capture and read the eBook for only 99 cents via this link to Amazon, Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed.

FamPics - Kidwell Sisters - early 1940s

I am eager to read your Mother’s Day messages. I know they will touch my heart, since this is exactly what happened when the ones arrived last year.

Blissings, Dena

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