World Healing Meditation – December 31, 2013

by dena on December 26, 2013

The 1st annual World Healing Day Meditation tradition began twenty-seven years ago on December 31st, 1986, at noon Greenwich Mean Time.

As the title indicates, this event happens all around our globe.

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Art by Nancy Kern


When Is the Next World Healing Day Meditation?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

12 noon  UTC/GMT Greenwich Mean Time, for 45 minutes

To determine when it is in your time zone, go to


What to Do on December 31st

Some people pray and meditate individually from wherever they happen to be – at home, visiting family, in a place of worship, outdoors in nature, maybe even in the workplace. Some gather physically at a central location with a few or with many others.

It is a simple action that holds the potential for positive, loving, healing, peaceful results. I gladly trade this hour of possible sleeping, as it occurs on a holiday at an early hour in the time zone where I live.

Any way you want to join in this event is the right way for you.

If you are looking for an example of one way, I will share what I plan to do this time.

  • I will sit quietly in an upright position, with my feet flat on the floor, my lower back well supported.
  • I will begin with a prayer, asking for peace and healing for all beings, for all of life, everywhere.
  • Next, I will invite my awareness to drop into my heart by focusing on a heartfelt word like peace, compassion, forgiveness, love, gratitude, kindness. Silently, I will chant my selected word until I experience the essence of what the word represents.
  • Then, I will let myself experience this and anything else that arises each moment. I will invite myself to keep returning to my heart whenever I notice I’m following thoughts.


The first World Healing Day, 1986

Reading from two resource websites at and, I found the following information. Participation was verified for at least these numbers:

  • 500 million people
  • on 7 continents
  • all 50 states in the U.S.
  • all religious faiths + those not identified with specific faiths
  • more than 500 spiritual and/or peace related organizations

As an example of information about 1 city, “In Seattle, more than 7,000 people meditated with them hoping, thinking and praying for world healing, universal peace and freedom.”


My Invitation to You

I found out about the 1st annual global event shortly after it occurred. For many years, I invited folks to join the upcoming one in my annual holiday letters or cards.  Now, I am glad to be able to share an invitation with you.


You are welcome to find out about my telephone meditation classes that happen 3 different times weekly.


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Blissings, Dena

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