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by dena on December 23, 2012

* * * Do you like to bestow gifts your friends will long remember?

* * * Would you choose to send more love into the world?

* * * Do we all love a great bargain?

In addition to descriptions of the first 2 eBooks in the Love Revealed series, I have included DIRECTIONS on how to purchase GIFT eBooks via Amazon, even for people who do not have a Kindle or the type of smart phone on which they can be read. The steps I have typed show you how to send it to their computer – OR – send to a Kindle device. Scroll below the books for DIRECTIONS.

* Both books have been $2.99 each. They are on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. *

Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed

edited by Dena Clayton Product Page

is an anthology of compelling true stories written by nine women. The verbal snapshots unveiled in this collection run the gamut from raw to sweet, surprising to tender, blissful to terrifying, and back again. These recollections are written with exquisite honesty and integrity, and sometimes humor. Readers will recognize issues and themes from their own lives, and will find messages of love, hope, and courage that will sustain them on their own journeys through their own mother-daughter relationships.

Click here, to buy Mother-Daughter Memories for $0.99: http://www.amazon.com/Mother-Daughter-Memories-Love-Revealed-ebook/dp/B006H9I44C/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1323277517&sr=8-16


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Parent-Child Memories: Love Revealed

edited by Dena Clayton Cover_parent-child-memories-no blog link

is the second anthology in the Love Revealed series. Readers are welcomed by ten spirited authors who dare to ignite memories of their parents and children that are reflective, transformative, raw, or funny. New lights shine brilliantly on topics that include compassion, child and parent losses, hope, breastfeeding, eating disorders, forgiveness, and reunion. These true stories hold a potential to heal soul wounds.

Click here, to buy for Parent-Child Memories $0.99: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00865FGZA


DIRECTIONS – – to buy for computer download OR for a Kindle device, as a GIFT or for yourself.

1) After you click on the link for the book you wish to buy, you will arrive on the Amazon sales page for the book.

2) You will see the book cover image on the left. Then, look for the square to the far right of your screen. You will see, from top to bottom: “Buy for $0.99”; “Deliver to:” with a white rectangle of option below it; “How buying works”; “Available on your PC”; and, “Give as Gift.”

3) If this is a gift, click on “Give as Gift.” You will arrive on a page to sign into your Amazon account or create an Amazon account (very easy – you are asked your email address and a password).

4) After step #3, you arrive on a page that begins “Complete your gift purchase” – where you enter the recipient’s email address, or you choose to have it sent to you so you can email the eBook to your recipient. Below that area, you have the option of listing recipient’s name and including a personalized message. Then, you can either Preview the Email or go directly to click on the “Place your order” button on bottom right of screen.

5) If your account is already connected to a credit card or PayPal, the transaction will happen immediately after you clicked “Place your order.” Otherwise, you will be asked to enter the method-of-purchase information. You will receive an email from Amazon that confirms your purchase.


Recently, readers in Canada and Europe began enjoying our books. They are also available in Japan, India, and Brazil. Welcome, All.


With appreciation and love,


~ Dena Clayton, Publisher


Blissings, Dena

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