Book Launch is here! 17 true stories about loss & compassion

by dena on June 20, 2013

Living Through Grief: Love Revealed

Living Through Grief: Love Revealed

I am very excited to share the news with you that the Launch for this extraordinary book is underway – – now through Thursday, June 27th. By the end of the second Launch day, it was already an Amazon Best Seller in the Kindle category of death and grief.

The third book in the Love Revealed series, Living Through Grief, holds seventeen true stories about real women and men who faced grief on their own terms and shared in writing how love has been revealed in different ways.

Readers can grab a copy from Amazon for $0.99 during the book launch. A bundle package is also available for $0.99 on this website. The package contains Living Through Grief: Love Revealed, in Mobi, ePub, and PDF format – so you can enjoy it on your favorite digital reading device.

Also for you – 2 free mp3 recordings are available to download. The 1st mp3 is “A Few Words on Grief” and the 2nd is “An Audio Guide to Support Those Dealing with Grief”. In the 2nd, I guide listeners in a calming process that teaches how to be able to experience all the many emotions of grief without shutting down feelings.

Living Through Grief: Love Revealed is a collection of true stories of loss, from real people, and is perfect for those who enjoy inspirational stories, memoirs, and compassionate self-help books. Seventeen brave authors put their experiences down on paper to share with others in hopes that they may help make it just a little bit easier to get through the grief.

Grief is a tough subject to broach, as it’s often considered a private matter that is thought to be both uncomfortable and unmentionable. Living Through Grief: Love Revealed challenges the way readers respond to loss and mourning. Readers will witness a range of true and emotional experiences vividly described by the authors who lived them.

Readers go on a journey through the depths of heart wrenching loss, experiencing the authors’ grief, and reach an almost spiritual awakening as love is revealed. The stories in Living Through Grief: Love Revealed offer words of inspiration and healing to readers that may be experiencing grief themselves. It’s the perfect book to share with family members and close friends.

Get your free mp3 downloads and a great 99-cent deal on the book now!

The authors and I are eager to hear of your experiences with the book and the mp3’s.

Blissings, Dena

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