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by dena on September 12, 2015

Do you wish the news media covered more good news stories?

I have wished this for a long time. Recently, I discovered two resources of “good news” – and the idea for #GoodNewsSharing was born.





What is #GoodNewsSharing?

It is an invitation for all of us to share positive personal, local, national, global actions such as kindness, healing, perseverance, courage, grace.

We can do this on social media by using the label #GoodNewsSharing on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter. And, here is a link to a #GoodNewsSharing board on my Pinterest account.

What we share can be small or large. Maybe you or someone you know finds a dollar in a coat pocket, has a health improvement, is offered a new job, or loses 2 pounds.

You might come across an online article or video about a person or organization or country doing something to make the world a better place in some fashion.



Those 2 Sources of Sharing Good News – They inspired me! 

1)  The What’s Working section of The Huffington Post  launched in February, 2015. It includes news, blogs, and community conversations about What’s Working.

In the piece that announced their new What’s Working section, my attention was particularly caught by reading that their focus would encompass doing news coverage of the whole event. For instance, if a weather related tragedy or violent event occurs, they cover the facts surrounding it AND they cover what people are doing in response to it. If folks are coming together to help one another, this too is printed. It was pointed out that they would continue to have the uplifting human interest stories they already had, and those stories would be located in a different section. (“Win-win,” was my thought.)


2) A Positive Item Was Shared on FaceBook by John Tesh

One of my FaceBook friends shared this items on his timeline. It was an example of a police officer doing his job and maybe going above and beyond. A lady was driving when she received word by telephone that one of her sisters had just died. She pulled off the road. She was distraught. She wasn’t sure what to do so she called 911.

The officer who answered the call spent at least an hour with her. He gave her water, pointed the air conditioning vents toward her, asked if he could hold her hand, let her cry on his shoulder, and helped her call another family member to meet her. He stayed with her until the person arrived.


You may have seen many locations on the internet where people post heart warming real life stories on their FaceBook pages, blogs, and websites. I am not attempting to reinvent the wheel. Rather, I’d love for more and more of us to increase the sharing of what we find  and of the upbeat discoveries happening in our own lives.


How Can We Be Part of the Network of #GoodNewsSharing?

When we watch local or national news or look at the front page of a newspaper, how many of the leading stories are about violent crimes, destruction from weather, and people criticizing other people? (“The majority of them,” is my thought.)

  • We can take part in broadening the focus to include more and more instances of people being compassionate, caring, helpful, even lucky. We can also pass along inspirational quotes and images on topics such as kindness.
  • As mentioned above, we can use #GoodNewsSharing as a label for what we share on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter. We can send links to the videos, articles, and posts we discover and we can write notes about our own lives and what we observe around us.
  • In our own collaborative grassroots #GoodNewsSharing network of people, we can make a difference – in our own lives and in the lives of others.

Let’s do it!!!

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Blissings, Dena

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