Benefits of Writing Daily

by dena on March 3, 2014

small-5Want to keep your mind sharp? Need help winding down at the end of the day? Looking for a way to get your frustrations out (without yelling at someone)? Try writing daily! Before you say that you’re not good at writing, or you don’t like words, there are a few things you might like to know.

Whether you’re an author, an entrepreneur, a student, or even retired, writing has a plethora of benefits you might not have known about, including…

  • Encourages you to relax and wind down from a stressful day.
  • Keeps your mind sharp through learning and exercises.
  • Helps you to practice expression and better express yourself.
  • Gives you a way to help build and improve your creativity.
  • Improves your memory, and helps spark things you may have forgotten.
  • Provides a way to reflect on your thoughts or daily happenings.

Just writing five minutes a day can provide you with all of these benefits, and more! Plus, you can use your writing as a way to log your daily activities, so you always have a written record.

Other ways to stimulate your mind include…

  • Look up a new word daily and use it in a sentence.
  • Research a new topic.
  • Engage in a discussion.
  • Participate in a friendly debate.

What are your favorite topics to write about? Have you found other benefits to writing daily that are not listed here? Let us know in the comments!

Blissings, Dena

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That is so true!! Writing daily is the most important thing for me to get my thoughts out of my head. 5 days a week, each morning I write about 600 to 1000 words. After 3 weeks I realise that it easier to write blog post, to find a focus, finde a topic, finish the post. I also get much more things done. And in the evening I feel much better now.


Andrea, the amount you are writing daily is impressive! Thank you for sharing some of the benefits you receive from your writing practice. Blissings, ~ Dena


Dar, reading of your practice of writing about your blog journey inspires me. Your remark that you don't always write a lot each day reminds me of the importance of consistency rather than amount. Writing daily works for some, writing at specific set times each week works for others. I have found it is a commitment to self. I keep such commitments best when I write them into my schedule - making an appointment with myself. I wouldn't blow off a business appointment or lunch with a friend, and it is as important for me to hold myself accountable to my own heart. Blissings, ~ Dena

Dar A
Dar A

I do love this post, Dena. It's inspiring, so very helpful. I don't always write a lot each day, but I do try to jot down a few notes. Right now, it's mostly notes on the journey to starting a new blog. I write in a 3-ring binder. It's mostly for me, but I may share it someday if I see that it might help others. ;-)

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