Finding the Motivation to Write

by dena on November 18, 2013

Do you find yourself procrastinating when it is time to sit down and write? Would you like to learn how to find the motivation to write? Whether you are a novice or an experienced writer, you may find yourself hitting a roadblock from time to time.

There are several reasons why you may find writing difficult. I want to share a few quick and easy techniques with you today that will help to encourage the words to flow more freely.


Find your calm. When I am in a calm and serene environment, I find the words tend to flow easier. I have a space in my home that allows me to take a moment for myself, enjoy the quiet, and relax my mind. For me, an uncluttered workspace promotes an uncluttered mind.

To find your peace and calm, you might engage in some form of meditation. Here is a quick technique to relax: while taking a deep breath in, tense all the muscles in your body; then slowly release both the breath and the tension. Focus your mind on these actions as you take them. Repeat the sequence 3 to 5 times, or until you feel calmer, and then approach your writing again.

To learn more about easy meditation and relaxation techniques, please consider reading “Meditation: Easy Relaxation Practices.

Decrease the stress. In times of high stress, I find myself unable to write. I’m often too busy or too consumed with what is going on around me. I am unable to pay attention and the motivation to write escapes me.

When stressed, our bodies shut down, and that also includes the mind. We become overwhelmed and unable to focus.

I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself what is triggering your stress. Are you worrying about things outside of your control? Are you taking care of your body? Once we are able to pinpoint where the stress is originating, we can then take action toward resolution.

To learn more about alleviating stress, please consider reading “How to Mellow Stress in Stressful Times.

Quick exercises to stimulate the mind. When you have found your calm and decreased the stress, try starting with a few quick exercises to ease into the process again. I have found that when procrastinating, if I set aside just a few minutes and focus on a quick exercise, I find my muse and the words pour out of me.

My favorite quick exercises to spur the writing process include:

  • Just write. About anything. I tend to start with my day. I may write about how I feel in the morning, a dream I had last night, anything at all that is in my mind, and I just keep going.
  • Pick a topic. Choose a topic from your favorite blog, grab 3 random words from a page and write a zany story, or do a quick search on Google for some ideas.

For more quick exercises, please consider reading “Ten-Minute Writings: Inspiring, Connecting, Jumpstarting.

Look for future posts on using physical activity and being in nature as supports to the writing process.

Blissings, Dena

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