Fun Photos in a Beach Town

by dena on October 24, 2014


I am vacationing in a beach town on the eastern shore of Maryland in the U.S., it is called Ocean City. Rather than an article this time, I hope you will enjoy seeing a selection of the images I’ve been snapping these first few days.


So far, the most sun we have seen was on the first afternoon.

O.C._Ocean City_sunny arrival_2014_10_20






My sweetheart and I took a bit of a walk around sunset. Here are a couple shots down the beach,

O.C._Ocean City_twilight w distant bldgs_2014_10_20O.C._Ocean City_from walk on beach_2014_10_20





and, our footsteps back from the beach.

O.C._Ocean City_our footsteps in sand_2014_10_20





The reason most of my shots from the balcony show little, if any, sand is because we are on the 2nd floor. (I stand on a chair, with the camera angled to avoid visual distractions.) In a hotel with 14 floors, we now know to ask for a higher number so the pole lamps, boardwalk, fake palm trees, and jumbo themed kids pool and water slide don’t show. Even so, you might get a kick out of those views, too.

O.C._Ocean City_empty pool w water slide_2014_10_22O.C._Ocean City_why shots fr our balcony show little sand_2014_10_22

O.C._Ocean City_stormy beach 1st of 2_2014_10_22

O.C._Ocean City_sunset 3rd of 3_2014_10_20










Wednesday sunrise revealed small bursts of sunlight. The day held almost constant cloud cover, rain, fierce winds, even thunderstorms. This time of year, the days tend to be chilly, and the nights even chillier.

O.C._Ocean City_sunrise 3rd of 4_2014_10_20O.C._Ocean City_sunrise 1st of 4_2014_10_20O.C._Ocean City_sunrise 4th of 4_2014_10_20






We were delighted to see a pod of dolphins swimming past that morning. While they did not show up in my pictures taken from the balcony, they are represented here by the glass replicas in a gift shop.

O.C._Ocean City_dolphins in gift shop_2014_10_22






For whimsy, a dapper rooster in front of a fried chicken and seafood eatery and dinosaurs at a miniature golf park fit the bill.

O.C._Ocean City_dinosaur_2014_10_22

O.C._Ocean City_rooster_Daytons chicken n seafood restaurant_2014_10_22O.C._Ocean City_dinosaur golf park_2014_10_22







Maybe you can see the chimpanzee face logo on the burger bar, which is closed for the season.


O.C._Ocean City_chimp face on Burger Bar_2014_10_22







Last night, we had a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant: Caesar salad, jerk painted grilled salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, and mango chutney. I wish the photo of one of the sea sculptures showed up as well here as it did on my camera.

O.C._Ocean City_sea sculpture in restaurant_2014_10_22







Swathed in sweaters on the balcony last evening, I snapped these rainy pics that herald an untouched-up blue I like a lot.

O.C._Ocean City_sunset 2nd of 3_2014_10_20O.C._Ocean City_sunset 1st of 3_2014_10_20






Thanks for letting me share bits of this still evolving vacation. I am grateful for the lullabye of the rhythmic waves.


Blissings, Dena

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