Inviting Your Mom Messages for Special Mother’s Day Post

by dena on May 5, 2013

dandelion blossom, photo by dwc

Thursday evening, as my father and I were picking dandelions in his front yard, a fun idea wafted in on a breeze (and you will see it, below). I remembered my mother teaching me to make a wish while blowing dandelion seeds when I was about three. I am excited by the idea to gather and post many tributes to our mothers and grandmothers and aunts and others, and it is entirely free!

You are invited to write a sentence or a few sentences to or in memory of your mother and/or any mother figures you hold dear. By 4:00 p.m., Eastern U.S., Wednesday, May 8th, simply send me a comment with “Mother’s Day” in the title. You are welcome to send several sentences, one set per cherished mother person in your life.

By Saturday morning, May 11th, your precious words will appear in a special Mother’s Day blog post on this site.

In need of a writing prompt? Notice what comes to mind with these opening phrases, “I still remember . . . ” and “I am so grateful for . . . ” Your sentence can begin with one of these or it can be completely different. You can include the name of your mother/grandmother/mother-in-law, etc., and you can sign your name in whatever way you wish it to appear. If you do not tell me how you want your name to appear, no name will be revealed. (I would rather get in trouble for not publishing a name than for listing one someone did not want published.)

You are welcome to subscribe to the blog, and you will receive the Mother’s Day post via email. Or, you can check back on the website by Saturday, May 11th.

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Happy Mother’s Day and love,

~ Dena

Blissings, Dena

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