Loss of a Loved One: Emotional Healing Is Still Possible

by dena on July 16, 2013

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“Love Dissolves Everything” is the title of a recent post Sheila Foster wrote for her blog, The Mystical Union of Love and Heartbreak. She wrote of unexpected healing that occurred even in the midst of her sister’s dying time as well as beyond her death. With Sheila’s permission, I am including the link here so you can receive the gifts of reading it and of seeing a photo of the sisters when Sheila was three years old.

Some say that when the heart breaks, it breaks open. What this means to me is that an opening can occur in the spiritual heart to let in light and space and new ways of viewing life. The pain of loss is present in many forms, yes, and there can also be an opportunity to see and experience the universe differently than before.

For instance, someone who never believed or maybe even thought about connection with loved ones after death may suddenly be open to the idea. A person might awaken from a dream of a friend who has died and have the sense it was a visit. Someone else might turn on the car radio and hear a song that seems to be a message communicating, “I am okay now”.

It is my experience that love does not end when the physical body no longer breathes. It is my experience that love continues to connect us to our beloveds forever.

In future posts, I plan to offer more thoughts and memories about the heart connections and continued healing of relationships with loved ones who are in spirit. I want to share the information that emotional healing of past hurts is still possible. For now, here is “Love Dissolves Everything” from Sheila Foster.

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Sheila Foster wrote the following essays. “In My Mother’s Kitchen” appears in Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed and “Trampled by Elephants” is in Living Through Grief: Love Revealed.

The book, Living Through Grief is available for $2.99 – – see the left margin of this page.


Sheila Foster

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Blissings, Dena

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