Meditiation by Telephone: Celebrating 10 Years!

by dena on October 9, 2016



To my delight, we are Celebrating 10 Years of Meditation by Telephone!!!



There are 2 ways I’d LOVE to celebrate this anniversary with YOU:

1) The first 15 people to buy any 3 Meditation calls will each win a 30-minute private consultation with me.
2) There is a new Monday weekly call time ~  7:30 a.m. NYC/Eastern US and 9:30 p.m. Sydney, Australia.
This is 45-minute, for $11/session.
Convenient. Affordable. Relaxing.
These affordable Meditations range from $11 for a 45-minute call to $15 for a 60-minute or a 75-minute call.  ~  Best value? That’s $65/month for as many as you wish to attend of all possible telephone sessions.
Click here to visit the Meditation by Telephone site.
My Meditation Background
In 1988, I was trained in several meditation and centering practices. Later, I assisted my instructor as he developed a teachers’ track for the course .
I began training as a Samyama practitioner with Sheila Foster in 1996. I shared the how-to’s of this mindfulness meditation in many in-person sessions, workshops, and classes. October, 2006, marked the beginning of the evening tele-circles. By summer of 2011, both morning and afternoon calls were added to the weekly schedule.
Links to the Meditation by Telephone site is the Meditation by Telephone site.
The “What, Why, When, How” article there gives straightforward scoop and it links to the Fees Page for easy registration.
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Available from 58 Countries
I use an international line for all calls, via At present, 58 countries have phone numbers that can link to our line. In the States, where I am, we have a U.S. phone number to call.


Blissings, Dena

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