Zesting at Virginia Beach

by dena on April 20, 2016

A few days back from a week in front of the sea – – aaahhhh!

Like many people, being near the ocean is healing to my soul. Seeing and listening to the waves as I walk and walk along the shore serve to recharge my batteries.

In case it relaxes you as much as does me to view snapshots of ocean life, here are some I captured using my handy phone-camera.















You will find snippets of the Atlantic Ocean in some of my photos, from visiting Virginia Beach, Virginia (U.S.)

The King Neptune sculpture is quite something to behold. Depicting the mythological Roman god of the sea, this bronze statue, created by Virginia based sculptor, Paul DiPasquale, stands 34 feet tall. It is on the boardwalk at 31st Street, at the gateway to Neptune Park. For a bit more information, click here.


Shortly before sunset one evening, I saw a tidal pool I wanted to photograph. When I realized I had to work at the angle in order to avoid my shadow, I chose a bold alternative: leave the shadow in the frame – front and center! That was the day that Susannah Conway’s #AprilLove2016 challenge prompt was Dear Legs. I posted this photo on Instagram, with the following text. “Dear legs, you seem ever so long today! Thank you for 6 1/2+ decades of stalwart service. And for beach walks this week. ‘Mwah’ to you two sweeties!”








Being at a beach with free time provided a lovely “zesting” environment for me. In addition to daily walks on the sand and photographing whatever caught my fancy, there were plenty of opportunities for laughing, napping, writing, and reading. And meditating. I even hosted my three weekly Meditating by Telephone sessions from the hotel room.

Being away for a bit usually nudges me to remember to make more time at home for being vs. doing. Zesting happens when I am in the moment in joyous connection with my heart. Feeling so alive and excited about life.


I invite you to enjoy 11 seconds of subtle surf sounds during a particularly colorful sunrise.


What helps you feel wonderful, relaxed, and/or filled with excitement? Is there one thing you can let yourself experience today for five minutes or more?





Blissings, Dena

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