Mother-Daughter Reflections: Least of All Love

by dena on January 30, 2014

Do you have a special memory of writing a letter you sent to your mother or your daughter? Maybe you were the recipient, or maybe you have exchanged many such letters.

Welcome to Least of All Love, a post from another of the authors from our first book in the Love Revealed Stories series,  Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed. “A Cup of Silence” is the true story penned by Victoria Moo Briddell for the anthology, offering a glimpse into a tender relationship nurtured long distance between Moo and her mother.

Least of All Love was first posted February 4, 2012.

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I am deeply moved by my co-authors’ stories. It is amazing to me how far some of us have come and how deep some of us have to dig to reveal that love that lies at the basis of all our relationships. I salute all of you. I am especially moved by the excruciating pain which some of the children (the authors) in the stories have been through. I remind myself that all of these women were once children, who by circumstance of birth, had to suffer through so much trauma. I am blown away by the courage that it has taken to reveal themselves in these beautiful, sometimes heart-wrenching, stories.

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The relationship I had with my own mother, while not without its ups and downs, was grounded from the start in love. I did not realize how fortunate it was to grow up knowing I was loved. I think I took it for granted that the relationship with the one human being that was closest to me from the beginning would be one based on love. Reading my co-authors’ stories has made me realize how nothing can be taken for granted, least of all love. I am hoping that this book will resonate with the many forms that love has taken and inspire others to share their stories with all of us.
With deep gratitude to Dena for pulling this all together, and to the brave women for knowing that their stories are valuable and worth sharing.
much Love to all Mothers and Daughters,
(Moo also has essays in the second and third Love Revealed books, Parent-Child Memories and Living Through Grief.)

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 (NOTE: Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed is available as an eBook for only $0.99.)

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What mother-daughter conversations, letters, or other memories come to mind?

Blissings, Dena

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