Let’s Celebrate MOTHER’S DAY: eBook Contest + Mom Gifts, by 11:59pm May 12th

by dena on April 30, 2012

Dear Readers,


Whether we have mourned loved ones or are separated by miles, we often hunger for messages of love, hope, and courage. Daughters and mothers reading Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed are inspired to view their own relationships with fresh perspectives. Readers discover anew the importance of expressing appreciation in the moment for their loved ones.  Join Publisher Dena Clayton in celebrating Mother’s Day, by reviewing the book, mentioning the contest in your blog, or inviting Dena as a guest on your blog.

Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed is a collection of compelling true recollections written with honesty and integrity, and sometimes humor. The verbal snapshots unveiled in the anthology run the gamut from raw to sweet, surprising to tender, terrifying to blissful. In very different circumstances, Alison and Nancy L. hold emotional space for aging mothers facing their own deaths on their own terms. Marie and Marilyn reminisce caregiving moments of moms who had memory loss or frail health. Preparing for her grandchild’s birth, Nancy K. frees her lineage of child abuse by writing a letter of truth to her deceased mother. Decades later, Frances treasures a magical and snowy childhood evening with her mama. Sheila recalls the instant her mother revealed a secret that opened a door to transformation.Give a Mother’s Day gift of Love that will be remembered for years.


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How to participate in the Contest:  By Saturday, May 12th, 11:59pm Pacific, email the publisher, Dena Clayton. Include in your email: 1) your order # from obtaining Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed, and 2) your name. 3) Include “CONTEST” in the subject line. That is all you do to enter! Contest winners will be selected on Mother’s Day and will be notified by email. Contest prizes include the new eBook,Parent-Child Memories: Love Revealed; a month of mindfulness meditation tele-classes; an introductory session with a Samyama healing practitioner; and mp3 downloads from a selection of beautiful guided meditations.


Dena has a private practice specializing in grief support, cancer guiding, dance-movement therapy, inner exploration, and meditation tele-classes. For more information, contact Dena at awareness@mindspring.com.


Soon to be releasedParent-Child Memories: Love Revealed.


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Blissings, Dena

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