Press Release: “Living Through Grief: Love Revealed” Given Bronze Award in Readers’ Favorite Contest

by dena on December 5, 2013

“Living Through Grief: Love Revealed” has received the Bronze award in the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest, on November 23, 2013.



For Immediate Release – – Dena Clayton, publisher and editor of the Love Revealed series, is proud to announce Living Through Grief: Love Revealed has received the respected bronze award in the Reader’s Favorite Annual Book Award Contest for the Nonfiction – Grief category. The award ceremony was held in Miami on November 23rd, 2013. “This book is full of inspiring stories of strength and love to fortify anyone’s spirit and resolve,” said Lit Amri, reviewer for Readers’ Favorite. “After reading this, I can honestly say that I am more grateful and remember to count my blessings.” Read the full review on the Readers’ Favorite website (


Living Through Grief: Love Revealed is a collection of true stories of loss, from real people, and is perfect for those who enjoy inspirational stories, memoirs, and compassionate self-help books. It is the third in the Love Revealed series. Seventeen inspiring authors share from the picturesque happenings of their own lives in hopes that they may help those living with grief. Each touching story explores the emotions tied to loss and the discovery of love in the midst of sorrow. “I am so pleased about the recognition Readers’ Favorite gave this book,” expressed Clayton. “The award was possible due to the writing skill and vulnerability of seventeen brave authors. They open windows into their own unique life adventures in order to offer benefits to readers.”


Readers can grab a copy of Living Through Grief: Love Revealed from Amazon (…) for $2.99.


Living Through Grief: Love Revealed

About The Authors The authors write of their very own life experiences in losing someone they hold dear, such as a child, spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, friend, or companion animal. Some of the deaths were in the past couple years, others were decades ago, and each experience was challenging. Visit the “Author Bios” section of the web site to learn more about these exceptional people.

Blissings, Dena

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