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by dena on February 13, 2013

If you like to be captivated and inspired by stories from real life, you will be happy to learn that the Love Revealed series is expanding. Next week, Living Through Grief: Love Revealed will be available in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Many people are uncomfortable when the topic of grief surfaces. This book challenges assumptions about grief and shows how people find ways to survive it with their hearts open. We hope you will read these amazing stories through the inner eyes of your heart.


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From the book’s Preface, here are brief glimpses of the true stories that await you:

* “Recognition” – Years after her son’s death, Marie observes a young mother’s fear that she might lose her own precious child.

* “A Place Beyond” – tells of Marcia’s concerns and denial of losing her mother and the
transforming glimpse into a deep connection with her at the Source.

* “Drawing Grandmother Home” – Nancy supports her grandmother through her fear of death as she develops dementia, bringing an extraordinary moment of clarity and connection.

* “Two Mothers” – Lindi shows us that when a mother dies and leaves behind a young daughter, the pathway through grief can lead to boundless love.

* “One Word, Ten Years” – Irene traverses paths of darkness and light through her husband’s dying time and ten years of widowhood.

* “Leah’s Gift, A Mother’s Story” – Nancy investigates the changes that took place at each year mark as she met those milestones of her daughter’s death.

* “Leah’s Gift, A Father’s Story” – A father’s grief finds expression as Dan shares from his heart.

* “Trampled by Elephants” – Recalling the shock of her beloved uncle’s death, Sheila looks beneath the surface of time at the tender care and tutelage this father figure bestowed on her as a small child.

* “Decisions” – Barbara shows that each possession of a lost loved one is a treasure and letting go can be so difficult, even if it is just one paper clip.

* “A Silver Lining” – Moo balances her grief over her brother’s murder with the joyful acceptance that a puppy brings into her home.

* “Absence” – Corby shares her experiences of losing her grandmothers and her fears of the unknown regarding her children and husband.

* “Magic, at Last” – Susan asks, “What magic is left after the death of a daughter? How can the worst day of the year be remade?”

* “The Decision to Love” – Two years after her husband’s death, Beverley looks back at choices and transformations during his illness and in her new life.

* “Nana’s Divine Love”- Nana’s love and devotion quietly helped Linda walk through the door to Divine Love.

* “Let’s Change the Subject” – Years after her death, the unfinished conversation with her mother continues to haunt Anita until her own daughter clarifies why it had to wait until now.

* “A Mother-in-Law’s Love” – Diane recalls herself as a young woman who grows in awareness as her mother-in-law expands her definition of love.

* “An Unexpected Grief” – Alison explores the layers of her grief after the unexpected deaths of her sister and a close friend.

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Blissings, Dena

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