Personal Stories to Ease Your Grief

August 22, 2014

Each experience of grieving is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all version of how we are affected by grief nor of what steps to take to heal as best we can from losing someone through death. Pondering these thoughts a couple years ago led me to issue an invitation for writers to share their personal stories […]

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Help for Depression + Actions in Memory of Robin Williams

August 16, 2014

Obviously, there are many discussions and writings and reminiscences in recent days about Robin Williams. Most of us never met him, yet we are profoundly saddened by his death, by a world where he is no longer physically present. We feel loss, maybe even lost. The generous and talented man who brought light to our lives through […]

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Book Share: Good Reads to Tantalize Our Brains

August 8, 2014

Welcome to a wonderland of cool books to explore. All are available as eBooks, and at least a couple are also in paperback. All are written by people I know (a little or a lot); some I correspond with through a bloggers group, two others I’ve known over twenty years. I’d love to hear what […]

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Nature Inspires Creativity and Relaxation

July 31, 2014

Today I am sharing a handful of the many photos I have been taking with my  camera phone. As I consider the list of activities that help me relax, nature shows up in a lot of them. Meditating outdoors. Taking a walk. Napping on the screened porch.  Being by a body of water, whether it’s an ocean, a pond, […]

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Self-Compassion: Combining Compassion & Relaxation

July 24, 2014

You are invited to experience a simple relaxation exercise combining compassion, gratitude, and body awareness. I call it a Body Gratitude Relaxation. Whether much of your current stress stems from everyday life or if there are extra circumstances weighing heavily, such as loss or illness or a difficult family situation, I feel it is important […]

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Staycation Tips: Remember the Past to Enjoy the Future

July 17, 2014

Have you been hearing the term “staycations” a lot in recent years? Many people are open to simpler and thrifty possibilities rather than going on costly vacations. A staycation can provide ways to have fun, relax, and rejuvenate at home and close to home. Taking day trips to interesting places and events within an hour’s […]

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Widows: Story-Sharing-by-Heart, a Support Circle via Telephone

July 10, 2014

How did the Story Sharing by Heart tele-circles begin? Several years ago, I had an idea to write a book of moments I’d lived during my husband’s illness, the weeks approaching his death, and the first eighteen months of widowhood. As I wrote and brought some of the stories to people, I noticed leaps in my own […]

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What Feeds Your Soul?

July 3, 2014

Quite a few years ago, I noticed a discomfort in myself when I asked a new acquaintance, “What do you do?” This was the typical dance people did with one another when meeting someone new at social gatherings. I pondered my feelings about it. What was it about this question that bothered me? A few answers […]

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Treatment Decisions: How to Choose the Right Ones for You

June 26, 2014

TREATMENT DECISIONS: How to Choose? If you or someone you know are facing a potentially serious health situation, this list could be helpful. I located the core information online nearly ten years ago. Those hosting it on the website welcomed folks to share it. Then, I added to it from my own personal experiences and when I […]

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Compassion and Self-Compassion: Empathy in Action

June 19, 2014

Welcome to this month’s installment on the topic of compassion. In January, I announced my intention to explore this territory with you at least once each month of this year. Some of the posts have addressed ways to be more self-compassionate.             Definitions, anyone? Today, I went online as if […]

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