Pinterest: How I Enjoy My Boards

by dena on April 24, 2014

periwinkle_2nd_2014_When I first discovered Pinterest, seeing so many gorgeous photos on the site’s home page intrigued me. I set up a few boards that I named Gardens, Trees, Home Ideas, and MoonScaping. Playing on Pinterest in this way reminded me of a favorite activity – collaging! So much fun!

Sharing my Pinterest journey with our readers is a way to offer you other glimpses into my life.

The colors, scenes, textures, lighting, and shapes in the photographs attracted my attention.  It was delightful to find and capture favorite images other Pinterest members had placed on their boards. Bringing such beauty together within each category became a creative expression for me. I could get lost for hours.

Over time, I have been adding more boards. It is a way to store and organize information in a single place where I can easily access it. Current boards of mine that meet this criteria are: CleanUpNaturally; Gifts to Make; and Simplify – home & business.

While nearly every image is inspiring to me, this is particularly the case with Inspiring Words and with the scenes in Beauty; Writing Retreats; Favorite Places & Spaces; Inspiration & Images Gallery; Waterfalls; Light enchants me; Doorways to . . . ; and WinderLust. (WinderLust is not a typo, it is a collection of windows that are pretty or imaginative, and they are from many locales around the globe.)

As well, I have added many posts from this blog, on the board Love Revealed Stories blog, and have pinned the cover images of the 3 Love Revealed books in Books Worth Reading.

I have included more Pinterest boards of my personal interests and just plain whimsy: inner child delights; Dancin’; Sacred Feminine; Sooo FUN!; Changing for a Better World; Parent-Child; Remembrance Rituals & Locations; My Style; Fave Films; Head Adornments; Bunny Mama; Hearts; Christmas wonders; and Google Doodles.

I’m curious about the ways you use Pinterest. I’ve heard that clothing styles and food are 2 frequently pinned topics. What do you most enjoy pinning? What are some of your creatively named boards?

Blissings, Dena

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