Remembering Dads for Father’s Day: Love Revealed

by dena on June 14, 2013

Reading the personal glimpses into times spent with Dads and father figures has been a treat for me. Please join me in delighting in these mini-stories of loving greetings and remembrances.

*** My father taught me to see the beauty of this world. He demonstrated the nobility of architectural creativity and the humility of everyday, common sense, be yourself living….no pretentions.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, in the other world.

With love,

*** Father and Daughter at the museum.


Don enjoying the view of the Catoctins.



*** Dear Daddy,
I always knew I could count on you to be there for me, I remember my first trip to the public library with you and how exciting it was and being read to and reading so many books from your library and learning about people everywhere, many who were very different from anyone I knew, and sharing your compassion and acceptance, and interest in foreign and exotic, embracing the differences, going with you to many places, parks and creeks and trees, being by the stream, nature and museums and book stores and farmers markets and Chinatown and delicious food. I guess Saturday was our day. I remember the beautiful silk scarfs you gave me when I was about nine or ten and asking what I should do with them and you said you will find something, I did and I am still wearing scarfs and have the original ones you gave me and every time I wear them I think of you and often in between.

I am so grateful that we shared so much and you just being who you were made all the difference. I thank you for coming to me after your passing 37 years ago and holding out your hand to me and hugging me. I thank you for our recent connection when I asked you for a sign.

I love you!!!
Love Dale Jan and now Willow

*** The family lived in Germany (DOD) during the school year and stayed with my parents for the summers. My Dad, Conrad took a course called “Parent Effectiveness Training” and was very successful in applying it.

I remember my niece Julia was around 4 years old and she had climbed up 6 porch stairs carrying cherries in a huge basket and all of a sudden the handle broke and the cherries spilled down the steps.
She had a horrified look that said she expected to be harangued and criticized.
My Dad looked at her and said, “Oh Well!!” And she answered back “Oh Well!!”.

To this day my husband’s heart races when I say, “Oh Well!!”

– Roberta

*** To my beloved soul-mate-husband Doug:
You are our children’s first tree. They swing on your wisdom, climb on your gentleness, and rest in the shade of your guidance. You were my strength as we birthed them into this world – me wanting to stop, you cheering me on with your Cheshire cat grin – and with each birth, I fell more in love with you, with us. You are a role model for fathers, my love. I am honored to share this adventure with you!


(See photo of Doug)

To my Poppy:
I found my love of words and writing because of you. You taught me how to assimilate and co-exist in harsh, hostile, unfriendly environments; how to practice mindfulness before I knew about Zen; and how to love without recognition. I know your sacrifices for our family altered and matured your character, but your hope and youthful idealism still shine in the blue of your eyes.

To my brother Marty, who, like the knight he is, welcomes the challenge of parenting four boisterous and beguiling boys – all while maintaining his impetuous Peter Pan persona. I love you – and I’m in awe and admiration of you.


*** A very big thank you to the exceptional person and gentleman who has been my father since 1949. Thank you for being you, Daddy. Love, Dena

To all fathers and father figures, may you enjoy a meaningful and compassionate Father’s Day.

Blissings, Dena

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Linda Kolker
Linda Kolker

I'm wishing Happy Father's Day to my Grandpa Albin, whom I never knew in person. He died when my Mom was 7. He became a conscious part of my life about a year ago, inviting me to come to know the maternal side of my family better. I've spent a lot of time looking at pictures of him, and have come to appreciate his wonderful and goofy sense of humor (posing in a woman's bonnet) and also to see what seems to have been a dark and brooding side. He was strikingly handsome, a tall Swede with white-blond hair and high cheekbones. I can see him in my mother's face and, if I look long enough, in my face too. I'm coming to appreciate how different my life might have been if I had been able to sit in his lap when I was a little girl, and to receive his guidance while I was growing up. And yet he was part of my life, through my grandmother and mother, for which I am deeply grateful. Grandpa Albin, I love you.

Irene Packer-Halsey
Irene Packer-Halsey

My favorite Daddy time growing up in New York City in the 1950's-60's was Sunday sitting on a bench under the great blue whale in the American Museum of Natural History. Sunday was our time together, when we left the rest of the family to eat breakfast at Bickford's Automat and then walk about 20 walks on Broadway to Amsterdam to Columbus Avenue to the Museum. Past Zaybar's - then in its original tiny storefront, whiffs of pickels and bagels and cream cheese - to the lingerie shop with an outdoor perfume fountain in front of its locked door - past Upper West treasures which no longer exist like Stark's, and Irish bars, and Puerto Rican bodegas with cuchifrito smells. Once in the Museum, walking past terrifying window-size displays of mamoths and gorillas, we'd head for our bench under the great blue whale hanging from the ceiling. My father would put his arm around me, all dressed up in my Sunday jumper and little white socks, reeking of perfume from the fountain, and ask me how the week went, what was new, was there anything we should talk about. Shainamedela, he would say in one breath, little doll baby, then querida, my loved one in the next. Of course I would ask him the same and we'd talk about his patients, the zoo across from his medical office, the pigeons on the roof, the sunswet over the Hudson River. We always walked home through the parks, Central to Riverside, but to this day I return to our bench under the great blue whale where the most loving memories remain. Happy Father's Day to my father, the one and only Dr. Dan! Irene Packer-Halsey


Ahhh, Linda, I have moist eyes reading of the longing to be a little girl in the lap of her kind and wise grandfather. Your statement, "He became a conscious part of my life about a year ago . . . " inspires me to reflect on my own grandfathers (I have memories of the one I had nine years of knowing and none of the one whose death happened when I was one). Thank you for bringing Grandpa Albin to us today.


What precious memories you are sharing here, Irene. I feel as if I am watching a film of the two of you. What heartfelt reminiscences of you and Dr. Dan, a father who was deeply attuned to who you are. Thank you for bringing this chapter into the Comments. My heart feels full.

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