Father Tributes, shared by Corby Caffrey-Dobosh

by dena on June 12, 2014

Corby Caffrey-Dobosh is an author with essays in the Love Revealed series of books and she has guest posted previously. See more details about her after reading today’s offerings.

With Father’s Day upon us, Corby is sharing gift poems she wrote at special times for her husband, Doug, and for her father, Bernie (aka: Pop). We are invited into her fearless and heart warming word pictures of these two beloved men.

     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~


-For Doug- SONY DSC

Images of you:

A searching man who found his home

In a meatmarket Mexican-American bar

A found man conjuring soulfulness with

A woman as she tiptoes on a limb of self-discovery

A gentle man who loves away wounds of others

Leaving his own to spontaneous self-heal

An honest man who shares harsh truths in hopes

Of demobilizing two crashing trains

A spiritual man who sojourns a daily pilgrimage

To selflessness

A father

To many who know him

Serving a medley of dadda duties

Clinging to his idiosyncratic interpretation of Fatherhood

You are father to your father

Your sons

Your daughter

Your wife

Her kin

Your name redefined

restored to your grandfather’s glory

     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~



For Pop

corby & pop & mom & bro marty 1977 corby & pop_age 6 or 7

are not easy to know
although i want to — an insatiable craving
for deep-dished understanding of

insist i know
yet i doubt
cock my head
i want more of
(Doug reminds me we never get enough of what we best love)

Quiet peaceful silence
i DESPISE, grit my teeth,
cower, tap my foot
Fill the space between us
with empty yatter chatter to

tell You me hoping

You’ll tell me You

Proud of You
i chit chat with Rosie
to know a

un-harmed by life’s precariousness chaos
new father

Rosie tells me
how when i was born
a proud, splendid Pappa
declared in the black bowel pits of Nemacolin’s Earth
“Gayle had a girl, and we named her Corby.”

She tells me
were always quiet kind respectful
not like the other guys
A willow in the torrential chatter of coal-miner-gossip
“A good man – He’s a GOOD man – and the best boss
I ever had.”

i close my eyes
my mouth
and imagine a young You
black mascara coal dust under eyelids
idealism still on Your brow
adolescent confidence of a twenty-something man

In Your examining observant sleuth-for-sincerity eyes
-eternal sparkle sensitive blue-
You befriend Rosie – the only sincere soul in the mine
the margin woman coal miner wise elder

in a young man’s body
i think
rallied with her
knowing neither of you really fit there

But there You stayed
for us
for mom
for Your children, grandchildren
for me
Sacrificing Your idealism
impish confidence
self concept
but never
Your sincerity
or vows

                                       corby & pop & sister Katie_1999_Augcorby & pop 2013_June

I watch
-now always-
i see
I may not know
from conversation words babble chatter dialogue
But know
I do
The unchangeable
reverent respectful silent
Still an inspiration
Your sacrifices I keep
in the quiet of my heart
(is there such a place?!!?!)
and humbly thank with each story of
the strong good man
my father
who says so much
in the quiet of silence.

  ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

  To enjoy more of Corby’s creativity, you will find she offers readers her heart and her perspective through these engaging true stories, “Personality” in Parent-Child Memories: Love Revealed and “Absence” in Living Through Grief: Love Revealed. As well, you can visit the interview conversation I had with Corby about her passion for writing, and check out her guest post “Strawberries & Whisker Kisses: Love Revealed” about childhood times with her grandfather in his garden.

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    Blissings, Dena

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