Resolutions: Make Them on Your Birthday

by dena on January 2, 2014

How many of us have made New Year’s resolutions, then we’ve been disappointed in ourselves by somehow not reaching those goals? Even if it hasn’t happened to you, you’ve likely heard this scenario from many others.


Over 25 years ago, I attended a series of lectures given by a fascinating guest speaker named Edyne Decker. One evening, she told the audience that a reason resolutions made at the beginning of a new year are difficult to complete is because we place our attention on the wrong new year. She explained that the year beginning with one’s birthday is suited to be uniquely supportive to each individual. Look for the personal new year rather than the calendar new year.

The following information came from the lecture entitled The Chaldean Calendar: Understanding & Benefitting from Your Individual CyclesMy sister and I shared the expense on the audio tapes of the series, and I transcribed this presentation.

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Ancient peoples recognized particular, sequential cycles as belonging to each person; the Chaldeans were among those who held this belief. Evidence showing utilization of this practice has been found in cuneiforms on stone, in Sanskrit writings, and in hieroglyphics. As you will see, each cycle is associated with a heavenly body.

By dividing the year into 7 segments, from birthday to birthday, each cycle lasts approximately 52 days. A day or two before and after each designated period may be shared by both cycles.

To determine your cycles, circle your birthday on a calendar and count the following day as the first day of the first cycle.


  • 1st Cycle ~ represents a time of initiative, of new beginnings, of starting new projects. Resolutions/intentions may be more easily achieved if made at the start of an individual’s personal New Year.  (Sun)


  • 2nd Cycle ~ is a time of being connected to family; of feeling a sense of responsibility toward loved ones; of nurturing, caring; of perhaps being more emotional and sensitive. Individuals may even be able to develop more of their psychic senses in intuitive, spontaneous ways during this period. (Moon)


  • 3rd Cycle ~ is a high energy period and is focused on action. It might be a time of wanting to get busy. A person can be drawn to do so many things during this cycle that there does not seem to be enough time to accomplish all of it. This can be a very productive period. (Mars)


  • 4th Cycle ~ is focused on communication. Rather than action of the previous cycle, the natural tendency at this time is for planning, thinking, working things through. This might include taking some short journeys to check things out, study, and communicate with people (i.e., being in touch with commerce and business, expressing thoughts to others). (Mercury)


  • 5th Cycle ~ represents expansion, growth, feeling optimistic. A lot of benefits may be coming in at this time, especially as a result of the previous 4 cycles: setting goals, taking care of obligations, channeling energy to accomplish tasks, planning strategies. It may be wise to watch diet during this phase so as not to expand in all areas of life. (Jupiter)


  • 6th Cycle ~ is a cycle during which a person tends to feel like playing, partying, vacationing, creatively expressing. If this is not a convenient time to vacation or party, extra effort will be needed to overcome this inclination of not wanting to work. It can be, however, a very social period: a time to work with family, with friends, with self-expression through art, movement, music, drama, writing. (Venus)


  • 7th Cycle ~ is a time of separating from those places, situations, people which no longer fit an individual’s world. A couple of lessons may be realized in this period. Changes and separations can occur because a person is ready to renew life by beginning the new year of cycles, therefore anything which would interfere with this renewal will need to be cleaned out. Restrictions, ways of thinking, and habits might be factors which could hold a person back and which may need to be changed. This can be an optimal time to interrupt unwanted habits (i.e., patterns involving eating, spending, alcohol, smoking, experiencing stress). (Saturn)


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While reading the phases, did you recognize any patterns that have happened in  your life? At times, have you started new jobs around the same time of year? Do you find yourself making your home more inviting during certain months? Which cycle are you in right now?

The easiest cycles for me to remember are the first and last. The last, 7th, holds possibilities for ending what no longer serves life, and makes space for new beginnings to emerge in the 1st cycle.

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Blissings, Dena

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