Sharing Our Written Thankfulness

by dena on November 25, 2015

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Sharing OurWrittenThankfulness (2)


Several days ago, I extended an invitation on Instagram and FaceBook. As some of you saw, this is what I said. “I invite you to add any word, phrase, list, or reflection of your own thankful feelings. However many show up between now and Tuesday evening, I will nestle them into a post on my blog, LoveRevealedStories. Please tell how you want your writing to be attributed (full name,1st name, anonymous, pseudonym . . . ) If you have a blog site, I’ll include it.  ~ One of my big appreciations is for my amazing community of kindred souls and how we support one another.”


A very big THANK YOU to those sharing their precious Gratitude messages with us, below.


  • Lawrice Dolan, “Gratitude for all who serve our country and those that support them.”
  • Jeny, “I’m thankful for the community I’ve built on Instagram that encourages me to share my art and my heart. The motivation I get to just keep going is such a blessing. You don’t need to make a grand gesture to make a grand impact.”
  • Irene Packer-Halsey, “Thankful for all the hearts that have connected with mine . . . “
  • Rita Herrmann, of the blog,, “I have abiding gratitude for my tribe. I only recently found this group of wonderful souls, and feel their kindness and support all around. I never knew what I had been missing all my life.”
  • Marcia Burke Parsons, “Thankful for my family.” rp_2015-11-24-22.54.07-150x150.jpg
  • peggyjobbins, of the blog,, “I am grateful for the fact that the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. We have light and it feels as if winter has begun. Winter is such a lovely time to be welcoming my new baby into the world.”
  • Corinna Jager, of the blog, Joyful Living, “I am grateful for having the resources and time for painting and for the great, encouraging community especially here on Instagram.”
  • Debra, of the blog, stumbler, is hosting a beautiful challenge on Instagram throughout November, called 30 Days of Gratitude. The personal gratitudes and stories she is sharing are phenomenal. Click the link to her blog to see the 20-some that have already been published – you will be so thankful you did!


You are welcome to share even more reflections of your thankfulness – here, or on my Instagram feed, or on the Love Revealed Stories page on FaceBook.


I am deeply thankful for fresh starts – particularly at the beginning of a new day, a new week, a new month, a new personal year at the time of my birthday, and a new calendar year. I am grateful for the reminders I receive from beloved ones around the globe that each moment is an opportunity to express love – through deeds, spoken and written words, and even thoughts.

Thank you to my family, those embodied and those in spirit; to friends from years past, from the present, and those I will discover in the future; and to supportive communities, both in person and online: temple of the sacred feminine, #thekindredsoulvillage, and #yearofcreativehabits. And, I am grateful for You.

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Blissings, Dena

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