Giving Thanks ~ Readers Share Gratitude from the Heart

by dena on November 27, 2013


Thanksgiving Day can be a time for counting blessings, of reflecting on who and what we appreciate.


Last week, I invited readers to consider offering some expressions of gratitude for a special Thanksgiving Day post. I am aware of my own expanded sense of gratitude as the messages have arrived; they are touching, endearing, inspiring.

During an online search for quotes on this subject, I discovered one from Albert Schweitzer I want to share with you. “At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

As well, I like the simplicity of a French proverb, “Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”

While you glimpse the following messages of thankfulness, may more awareness of your own heart’s memories be inspired.


 * * * * *

* Ahh today my gratitude list starts with – How grateful I am to be alive and well! How thankful and awed  I am to share my YeSSS Method of Restorative Yoga with so many baby boomin men. How grateful I am for Threshold Choir – my service project and source of deep healing, with the mission of singing at bedside for the ill and dying and their families. How thankful I am to support and be supported by the ever expanding like-minded community of seekers of inner peace and world peace living intentionally in harmony with nature.   ~ Suzen Sharda Segall ~

* * * * *

* As I sit and contemplate my life to this point, I am filled with gratitude for everyone who has loved and supported me throughout my life.   ~  N.L. ~

* * * * *

Thanksgiving_free image

* I am grateful to be given life as a free woman with love and gifts to share in a world where many other women, and men, are not free. I am grateful for Divine Arrangement, that nameless presence that somehow allows me to see the perfection under the chaos, the medicine in the wounds, the love that always is, no matter how things appear. I am grateful for my precious son and daughter who have been, and are, my love Gurus, crushing all limits to what my small mind thinks possible, and opening my heart to the ever-burning fire that dissolves all barriers. I am grateful for the miracles of love in my sister’s recent transition into spirit.  And i am grateful to the Holy Mother who revealed her face to me as a very young child and quickened my longing for the Mystery.  Dena i am grateful to you for offering a place to speak our gratitude. Namaste.           ~ Sheila ~
* * * * *
* Every morning, when I wake up in Houston, I receive from my daughter in California a list of 10 things she is grateful for. I read it, savor it, breathe deeply and smile. My heart feels soft. I recognize how lucky I am. Taking my time, I reply to her with my own list of 10 things I’m grateful for. Many times, I can’t stop at 10. One of the things I’m most grateful for is how much beauty and softness has come into our relationship in the 2 months we’ve been doing this practice together. I’m grateful in a breathtaking way for the times I read that I’m on her list and the times that she is on mine.   ~ Nancy Kern ~
* * * * *
* When my not-so-little sons and still-a-wee-bit-little daughter hug me fierce, tell me they love me, or bestow me with a gift they made special for me.   ~ Corby  – the one being raised by her three kids! ~
* * * * *
* I am so grateful for sharing my life with a wonderful family and longtime friends; for health, fresh food, clean water and sunshine. I am grateful for an illumined spiritual teacher whose presence guides me every moment. I am grateful for the extraordinary wisdom and skill of my writing teacher and the courageous beautiful women in my writing community.   ~ VMB ~
* * * * *
I am grateful to live with liberty and dignity in this great nation, something my ancestors did not enjoy. ~ Irene Packer-Halsey ~
* * * * *
I am thankful for you who are reading this blog. I am thankful for the authors of the Love Revealed books, for my many friends who love me through my not so shiny times or actions, for my dear family, for my sweetheart, for health and shelter and food and the Source of All Divine Love.
May your hearts embrace seeds of light and appreciation throughout the Thanksgiving season . . . and every day of life.

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Blissings, Dena

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