#GoodNewsSharing, 8-Day Challenge on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter

by dena on October 16, 2015

Remember the first blog post on #GoodNewsSharing, a few weeks ago? I am still so excited about this sharing of good news via hashtag on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter, that my muse whispered an idea in my inner ear for a daily challenge of 8 days.

#GoodNewsSharing (2)


You are absolutely welcome to jump in for any and all days of this challenge – and for months after it, as well. (After all, there really can’t be too much sharing of uplifting life events, right?)


When is it?

Saturday to Saturday, October 17th – 24th, 2015.

Daily, I will post a suggestion via #GoodNewsSharing on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter. (Also, see all the challenge details, below.)


What is it?

I feel it can be important to create opportunities for ourselves to practice looking for or recognizing “good news” in several different forms. Chances are, the more we look for it, the more we will notice it.

Practicing through engaging in this challenge can help us support more widespread and habitual use of the #GoodNewsSharing hashtag. Whenever we click on the hashtag, we will see so many reminders of what is going well in life.

This kind of sharing adds to the joy in our lives, which adds to the joy in the lives of those around us, which adds more joy into the world. Raise your hand if you imagine our world could use more joy. (Yes, I agree with you, wholeheartedly!)


What kinds of good news are we sharing?

First of all, please feel free to share ANY kind of good news/upbeat occurrences on any or all of the days. Or, you might want to mix it up, such as exploring the 5th topic on the 1st day. Perhaps you have new ideas. I see this process as being informal, friendly, free of rules. The prompts are merely suggestions.

You can share via photos, your own words, quotes, links to blogs, videos, or other sources. Any combinations of these can be included, within the boundaries of whichever form of social media you are using.

(If you use other forms than IG, FB, and Twitter, I’d love to hear about it. Cool, add your #GoodNewsSharing wherever possible!)

We are leaving what we share in places where I hope so many others will find them and add to them for years and years.

  • Sat., 10/17 ~ GRATITUDES: People, experiences, places for which you feel grateful, and/or examples of gratitude you are witnessing in others.
  • Sun., 10/18 ~ CHARITIES: Charitable organizations that make a difference.
  • Mon., 10/19 ~ IN MEMORIUM:   Do you want to highlight a legacy of compassionate actions that lives on beyond the death of a loved one? Is there a certain memory you want to share of how your life was enhanced through a particular experience with this person?
  • Tue., 10/20 ~ KINDNESSES:  I am thinking of 3 categories of Kindness – observed; received; given by you. Share 1 or a combo platter.
  • Wed., 10/21 ~ IN HONOR OF SOMEONE LIVING:  Who do you know or know of whose life is making a positive difference?
  • Thu., 10/22 ~ ARTICLES & VIDEOS:  Incorporate a link to any source showing real life examples of good news. Is there a blog or a site that inspires, delights, transforms you? (For instance, on Instagram, check out @thedailyst – a most amazing gallery of wonderfulness. And The Daily Saint online – you’re going to LOVE the kind actions posted there !!!)
  • Fri., 10/23 ~ INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES: These quotations can be from anyone with something uplifting to say, past or present, even by you.
  • Sat., 10/24 ~ ANYTHING GOES:  Did you have a favorite topic from 1 of the other days? OR – maybe you’d like to say something about your experience of taking part in the #GoodNewsSharing challenge. So, bring it on – any form of good news!


Bloggers, an idea for your upbeat posts of the past (& future)

Bloggers, if you link your blog posts to a FaceBook business page, you might consider adding #GoodNewsSharing to past posts that have an uplifting vibe. Your future posts, too, of course. New eyes might see your wonderful  material. How cool would it be for the sharing of good news to become a habit around the planet?


Remember, Everybody, add the hashtag when you’re posting, so we can all have a chance to see it!

What hashtag, you might ask? Hmmm . . . #GoodNewsSharing ! ! !



Blissings, Dena

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