KINDNESS ~ #GoodNewsSharing Challenge, day 4 of 8

by dena on October 20, 2015

“KINDNESSES” ~ Day 4 of 8 in #GoodNewsSharing Challenge

You are invited to participate in 1 day or more in this Challenge. It is happening on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter. As well, I’m excited by the idea that all of us might consider adding the #GoodNewsSharing hashtag whenever we are posting something upbeat, whether it’s personal, planetary, or anything in between. We can get in the habit of sharing Wonderfulness, our world can use as much of it as we can contribute.

Browsing this hashtag on these three modes of social media is an uplifting experience, with an ever growing cache of goodness and inspiration.

KINDNESSES ~ I am thinking of 3 categories of Kindness – observed; received; given by you. You are welcome to share an example of any 1 of these, or what I call a “combo platter” of 2 or all 3. What you share can be a story and/or image from your own life, or it can be kindness you have witnessed elsewhere. How many incredibly moving acts of kindness have you seen online? Let’s share even more of them!


Dena’s sharing:

This is my participation for today’s prompt. My offering of #GoodNewsSharing.

With an abundance of videos showing examples of Kindness, selection can be overwhelming – in the best possible way!

Here is a link to a video within an article. As stated in the article in Huffington Post, from January, 2014, this video was made by Krizovatka, a nonprofit agency in the Czech Republic. The sound track is the song “Give a Little Love” by Noah and the Whale. The article’s title: Touching Video Shows the Ripple Effect of Acts of Kindness.

While it is staged, as many of the kindness videos are, it illustrates beautifully the domino effect that can happen when someone observes an act of kindness. It can be obvious that both the recipients and givers of kind actions are affected. This reveals the possibilities when we happen to notice such acts being shared.

Another aspect of this very well created video is that it shows potential effects of even tiny, simple, momentary actions. Win-Win.


Effects on You?

How do you feel after watching it? What kind acts have you done or witnessed or might be inspired to begin doing?



Blissings, Dena

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